mesmr: the decentralized media platform

mesmr: the decentralized media platform

The secure media platform of the future has landed. mesmr is a secure media ecosystem, powered by blockchain.

Token sale starts soon!

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a community driven content platform

We built mesmr to ensure quality content through its own merits, gets the exposure it deserves. Popular content platforms currently engage algorithms that feed only the content that fits peoples beliefs. They see only what the algorithm wants them to see. We think that’s wrong. If one’s ideas are never challenged, how will any of us ever grow our minds.

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what mesmr
looks like

The decentralised mesmr platform is based on blockchain technology. It is being built to monetize content for the benefit of creators, users and brands, whilst maintaining a meaningful relationship between all three.

Laptop with entertainment service screenshot
Laptop with entertainment service screenshot

the influence score

Each user on the platform gets assigned a score based on the weight of their content and actions within the mesmr ecosystem. Consumers win if they share quality content, Advertisers if their ads are effective, Creators if their content is engaging.

transparent ad platform

No longer will media buys be valued by the number of followers or views a content piece has. Using blockchain, for the first time a content Creator or Advertiser can see if the Consumer has interacted with the content, without an invasion of privacy.

Laptop with entertainment service screenshot

our roadmap

Q3 2017
  • mesmr concept inception
  • Initial UX/UI wireframe exploration
  • Advisory Panel assembled
  • Market research and analysis
Q4 2017
  • mesmr platform planning
  • Designing prototype to show lean-back viewing experience
  • Content creator round table platform feature discussions
  • Partner marketing material
Q1 2018
  • mesmr HQ established in Singapore
  • Executive team formation
  • Whitepaper completion
  • Engage entertainment technology partners
  • Wireframing/planning of mesmr platforms
    • Web
    • Mobile
    • OTT
Q2 2018
  • Token Bespoke/Private Sale
  • mesmr NA/Philippines Launch
  • Recruitment of staff and office/production studio build out
Q3 2018
  • platform MVP launch
  • Engage content creators and production partners
  • Ramp up marketing and PR efforts
  • Formation of mesmr’s Brand Trade Association / SRO
Q4 2018
  • Token Pre-sale
  • Token Final Sale
  • Beta release (Release V0.2)
  • mesmr official wallet and mobile wallet release (V0.1)
  • Digital collectible creator & brand program launch
Q1 2019
  • Formation of the Blockchain Awareness and Adoption Fund (BAAF)
  • mesmr EMEA Office Opening
  • Initial creator partner program registration
Q2 2019
  • Expanding target territories
  • Expanding partner network
  • Start development of the P2P content distribution network (CDN)
  • Initial explorations of the mesmr Mojo Card
Q3 2019
  • Re-syndicated media content planning
  • Content creator acquisition
  • Launch mesmr Original Content Studio
  • mesmr SAP marketplace
Q4 2019
  • Online-to-offline partner integration alpha program
  • mesmrCon 2019 - bringing together creators, brands and fans
  • mesmr Blockchain Genesis Block
  • mesmr Mojo card release
  • P2P content delivery network launch

token distribution

mesmr tokens (MSMR) will be available to interested contributors during the token sale, which is set to start in Q4 2018. During the token sale a total of 418,125,000 MSMR will be released to interested contributors. This has an estimated value of 464,651 ETH (as of June 27, 2018). Contributors will be able to purchase MSMR tokens using Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash. All funds raised during the token sale will be used for development, research, hiring talented developers, marketing, community development, customer acquisitions and compliance.

token allocation

67% circulating supply 16% partner 8% airdrop 7% reserve 1% bug bounty 1% advisor

budget allocation

40% engineering 23% marketing 20% business dev 17% operations

our team

Full-stack, mobile and blockchain development teams based in:
България, Европейски Съюз (Bulgaria, EU)
Republika ng Pilipinas (The Philippines)

our advisors

team experience

A small selection of some of the amazing brands the mesmr team have worked with